Welcome alumnies

For over three decades, KCES's Institute of Management & Research has hosted, nurtured and produced outstanding visionaries and leaders who have built and headed scientific and industrial powerhouses across the country and abroad.

IMR is truly proud of its illustrious and accomplished alumni who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of science and technology worldwide.

We invite all alumni who have graduated from the institute to sign up and benefit from this exclusive network.


The KCES’s Institute of Management & Research is a premier destination for advanced computer, management and research, renowned for its academic freedom, excellence in education, and innovative interdisciplinary initiatives.

Institute of Management & Research’s Alumni Association shall serve as a platform to bridge the gap of student - alumni interaction driven by the ideals and values that shall ensure the upliftment of both present and future alumnus with support to build a social, knowledgeable and motivational capital for the institute and its students.

Mission & Goals

To connect the existing alumnus with the institute and bridge the gap of communication between alumnus and students.

To promote exchange of academic and corporate experience with the students of the institute.

To mentor and channelize the efforts of the students seeking better opportunities to learn and grow.

To promote a goodwill and sense of pride to both alumni and students.

To help and support alumnus develop and spread a philanthropic and entrepreneurial mindset among students.

To advice and conduct activities that shall motivate and upgrade student skill sets.

To work with institute assets to suggest new technologies and improvements that shall benchmark industrial expectations.

To associate with the university management in planning and execution of alumni events.